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Testimonials-Your Sub Title Here

Kudos to MTFC

"I love the camaraderie with new friends and the amazing harmonies we make when singing BHS music together. " 
David Martin Stevens


"Singing has always brought me happiness. The friendships gained through chorus makes it more enjoyable and exciting to come back on Mondays."
Nikki Seddon
"MTFC has become a family to me. I’ve met so many wonderful people and have made lasting friendships. Music has always healed and nurtured my heart but finding this group has help healed things in me. We joke around that our rehearsals are ‘Mental Mondays’ but they really are. The laughter and singing helps so so much."
Ashley J Jackson


"I love it when "that one chord" gives you goose bumps."
Kip Cosan
"I have always loved singing but have only done it privately.  After finally being convinced to give MTFC a try I discovered a fun, non-judgmental and safe environment to learn to sing as part of a group.  I have met a lot of great people who are not only fun to sing with, but who also give positive feedback and encouragement which makes me feel I really can sing. That gives me confidence in knowing my voice is capable of helping to create beautiful music. MTFC has truly become family to me."
Danielle Schafer
"I’m only in it for the pay check. You know, the smiles, hugs, the goosebumps."
Kyle "Doc" Howard

david2My name is David Martin Stevens.  We are The Mountain Town Family Chorus, the thriving legacy of The Mountain Town Singers, a non-profit community group registered in the Barbershop Harmony Society. (BHS)   

The mission of BHS is “to bring people together in harmony and fellowship to enrich lives through singing.”  “The Barbershop Harmony Society understands and embraces the “transformative power of harmony.”  I love that phrase.  And I love that “feeling.”  The “transformative power of harmony.”  Our world can use more of that.   

We have a dedicated musical “tag” which is a short, vocal harmonization.  Our Tag is “We Sing, Enjoy, Belong.”  That is what this is all about.  When we sing together, we enjoy being together, we belong to, and with, each other. 

I was a guest at a MTFC Friends and Family sing.  They were having so much fun and making delightful harmonies, I thought I should try it.  In a few short weeks I came to love these people.  AS BHS says “Singing together and deeply investing ourselves emotionally in the music tends to draw us closer together as individuals and as a group.”  We experience comradery, joy, and delight. 

Do you like to sing?  I’m not asking you if you can read music, I don’t know a B-flat from a G-minor when I see the note on a page, but somehow, I can find it when I sing with other people.  If you can carry a tune and enjoy it, we invite you to sing with us.  Smile with us.  😊  Enjoy.  Belong!